Firos Kariman: Biography Babylon 2008


Project Title: ICARO

Firos Kariman was born in Suriname, a former Dutch Colony in South America, between French and British Guyana. At the age of six his family emigrated to The Netherlands where he grew up. In the summer of 1989 he had his 'first encounter' with cinema dreaming of 3 short stories accompanied by strong images by then not knowing that this would change his future. During his study as an Aerospace Engineer, he developed his skills in different fields of creativity from sculpturing to fashion school and courses in scenario writing and directing. As an autodidact he developed his skills in filmmaking. During his final thesis he directed and wrote his first short movie BYPASS which, having won the prize of Best Veneto production, was screened during the Venice Film Festival in 2003. After graduation and some time working as an Aerospace Engineer he decided to dedicate all his energy in developing himself as a director. Though having directed several productions for several purposes, ranging from short fictions, commercials and informational videos his passion is for directing fiction. At present he is working on ICARO, his first feature length movie and the postproduction of a short called 'BART'. Though still in its writing and funding stage, ICARO is being supported at development stage by IMPULS (Mira Media and The Dutch Stimulation Fund STIFO).

"Filmmaking has not been a choice or something interesting I would like to develop. I consider filmmaking as part of my mental and physical being and existence. Neglecting this would imply neglecting all struggles I have faced and the person that I am today!"



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