Babylon International

In a major new initiative funded by the EU’s MEDIA MUNDUS and the NIGERIAN FILM CORPORATION

European and African filmmakers will have the opportunity to work together on script and story development skills, production technique, and access to the international marketplace via the programme’s network of industry consultants which include funders, international sales agents and distributors.

The 2011 programme includes:

Who should apply:

Filmmakers from Europe and Africa with stories dealing with historical and contemporary subjects on either continent should use this opportunity to work together. The stories should appeal to audiences in both European and African markets.

Babylon International is dedicated to exploring new markets for European film projects in Africa and for African film projects in Europe.

Adaptations of novels dealing with colonial history or with the cultural and literary heritage of either Africa or Europe are also welcome.

Projects based on novels have to evidence the permission of the original writer or the publisher, and preferably an option deal or the purchase of the underlying rights.

Who can apply:

All participants should be qualified professionals of proven talent with at least two years’ experience in their local industry. Both African and European participants, whether producers, directors or screenwriters, will have some established or proposed interest in working inter-continentally to assure a higher quality of product capable of reaching the international market.

All should have a substantial track record, with at least one film behind them and a viable project which they wish to develop within our programme.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate:

The programme will apply the following criteria for the selection of participants:

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For each participants there is a fee of only 300€ for the whole programme. 50% of the travel expenses will be covered by the programme, 50% should be covered by the participants.



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BABYLON INTERNATIONAL is run by a three-sided partnership of independent producers Script House (Berlin), Scenario Films (London) and Ciné Sud Promotion (Paris). The funding partners are the European Union’s MEDIA Mundus programme and the Nigerian Film Corporation.