Workshop 2008

Pictures from the 2008 Workshop:

Class of 2008

Feedback on Rotterdam from our participants...

"Fine quality of human and professional input. High marks for the crossing of cultures, methodologies and approaches. A great sense of openness, a rare quality for this kind of workshop."
"Professional networking in an atmosphere of healthy competitition, caring but not complacent."
"I have never participated in a seminar or a workshop where there was nothing except genuine interest, openness, and 'non-pretentious' professionals."
".we reaped an immense amount of feedback, constructive criticism and input to increase our hope for the film."
"Focused, intense, productive, invaluable, exciting, organised, nurturing family atmosphere, supportive, HONEST."
"The calibre of professionals who reviewed the projects was A-class...The right mixture of "creative" and "business" advice."
"A very productive session which gave a focused mentorship with valuable training, pitching and business strategy all included."
"At last I know how to make my goddamn characters do what the story needs."
".it was the first time I have been at one of my own screenings. and I was really amazed and humbled by the feedback, response and comments from other filmmakers and senior professionals consultants."
".a very special, and to me unique initiative ."
"Wow! Babylon caught me off guard. It was a wonderful experience to build cultural bridges especially with other Europeans..."



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Babylon collaborates regularly with partner orgnanisations, including AHRC-funded Migrant and Diasporic Cinema Research Network

Migrant and Diasporic Cinema Network

Podcast: Gareth Jones/Thierry Lenouvel

Far Flung Families in Film

Podcast: Gareth Jones/Sarita Malik/Leslee Udwin