BABYLON 2017-18

This year saw the launch of the Ninth Annual Edition of BABYLON aka Babylon RiverRhine, with funding partners in Germany, France and Switzerland:

  • MFG-Baden-Württemberg;
  • la Ville et Eurométropole (VEM) de Strasbourg;
  • la Région Grand Est (RGE) Alsace Champagne - Ardennes Lorraine;
  • Film Commission Nord Baden;
  • Creative Commission Mannheim;
  • Förderung Film und Medienkunst der beiden Kantone Basel-Stadt und Basel-Landschaft.

The programme concentrated on promoting the cultural and industrial ties between the regions of the Upper Rhine, developing eight feature film projects from early script phase (December 2017) to presentation at the Cannes Film Market (May 2018). Each project was represented by a writer-director/producer duo.

The programme for 2017-18 consisted of:

  • A seven-day residential workshop shared between Strasbourg (15th-18th December) and Mannheim (18th-21st December), focused on project development including concept, dramaturgy, finance plan and audience.
  • A three-month script rewrite and production planning phase, accompanied by online and telephone mentoring.
  • A four-day residential workshop at the Cannes Film Market devoted to project pitching, industrial networking and co-production via assisted navigation of the market, workshop events and professional hospitality.
  • Follow-up consultancy and membership of the BABYLON network.

Full-length fiction and feature documentary, animation and other genres are considered for the Programme but all must have theatrical potential.

Projects may be submitted at detailed synopsis or treatment or first-draft screenplay. Candidates must show relevant experience in their field: a finished full-length script, a first feature or short film, or other proof of talent and commitment.

Working languages are principally German and French with English used sparingly. Submissions may be made in either German, French or English. Synopses and director's statements are needed in translation after acceptance to the workshop. Full screenplays are needed only in the original language.

STRASBOURG & MANNHEIM - 15th-21st December 2017.

A 7-day Feature Project Development Workshop concentrated on intensive script work, film concept and overall package.

The intention of the workshop is to devise a working plan for the onward writing and completion of a shootable script. Development discussions of all projects apply the following principles:

  • A good script is more likely to lead to a good film; screenwriting skills and dramaturgical expertise are key to getting a film made and seen.
  • High-quality feature film demands each member of the creative team - screenwriter, director and producer - be equally committed taking joint responsibility for the creative and commercial outcome.
  • Production tools - casting issues, directing actors, design and aesthetic issues, practicality and affordability - should be addressed as part of the development process.
  • The filmmaking world is changing at speed and new financing, production and distribution models need to be clearly understood and embraced from an early stage.
  • The digital workflow extends beyond delivery into the promotion and distribution of the film. These stages are now compressed and work in parallel at all stages of a film's life.

Working method includes:

  • Introductory pitching and group discussion of selected projects
  • In-depth screenplay and project analysis with assigned consultants in smaller project groups
  • Screening and discussion of extracts from participants' previously filmed work
  • Lectures and case studies in plenary sessions covering related topics - dramaturgy, genre, visual interpretion, aspects of production, reaching an audience
  • Free discussions during buffet lunch and supper

Participants should conclude the workshop with a plan of action for the onward development of their script and project.

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