Iskandar Soltani: Biography Babylon 2008

Writer/Director/Director of Photography

Project Title: INTERPRETER

Iskandar Soltani works as freelance director and cameraman in Holland. His roots go back to Persia. After he graduated from KABK, Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, he directed and wrote a documentary about the generation gap between the parents and children of a Turkish family in the Netherlands called "Far from Home". His second work called "Me and My Fatherland", a 16 mm film, directed, written and edited for the humanist television channel, HOS, was shown on Dutch national television in 1996. He spends a lot of his time in social and cultural work in an NGO called Persepolis. He is the founder of Pars TV and Radio in Amsterdam. In 2004 in Los Angeles he worked as director and cameraman for Pars TV where he directed the television program "Peyke dad", presented by Homa Ehsan. After all these years he has resumed his original career as a filmmaker, and is working on his first feature film script. He is looking forward collaborating with producers on this, his first thriller.



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