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Project Title: KUMA

Born 1984 in Klagenfurt, but bred in Villach, where family, school, bruised knees and first heartbreaks took place. Moving to Vienna for study reasons in 2003, she is there still, studying Comparative Literature (University of Vienna), Screenplay Writing and Dramaturgy (Filmakademy of Vienna - University for Music and Performing Arts) and English and American Studies (University of Vienna) - so far she has gathered a BA for Screenplay Writing. Writes (screenplays, short and longer stories, newspaper bits and academic papers; in German and English), reads a lot, spends many hours watching (at the movies or in front of the TV-set), draws, designs and paints a bit (without any professional aspirations), loves to pack her backpack to go see new places.

Selected works:

Kuma (90 min., chosen for a grant for script development by the Austrian Film Institute & participation in Babylon 2009) [2008/2009], organization of Trashnight and the award Trashbobby for Filmakademie Filmfestival 2007 & 2009, various bits and pieces for The Cheerful Times (students' newspaper of the English Department, University of Vienna) [2008], Afropolitans (90 min., creative work for the degree BA, foundation for a study-grant by LiterarMechana) [2007/2008], About the Relationship Between Me and My Most-Beloved Non-Living Object (English). In: In a Different Light - An Anthology of Students' Projects on Queer Theory. edited by Astrid Fellner & Susanne Hamscha, University of Vienna [2007], Faschingsbekanntschaften. In: Coming again and again. Milena Verlag, Wien (anthology) [2006], Sitzt ein Mann an der Bar (6 min., Regieübung: 3rd semester exercise at Filmakademie) [2005], Erklärung für Ruth. In: As long as. Milena Verlag, Wien (anthology) [2005]...


To be found on StudiVZ, Facebook (both under Petra Ladinigg) and, at times, in Skype (


The Cheerful Times.

In a Different Light. An Anthology of Studtents' Projects on Queer Theory. - Students' Projects

Trashnight 2009.

Milena Verlag, Wien.



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