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Basile Doganis: Biography


Project Title: ENTRE LES LIGNES (Lifelined)

Born in 1980 (Nov, 23rd) of Greek parents, Basile Doganis grew up in a Parisian suburb in France.

During his studies in Philosophy (Ecole normale supérieure de Paris, Université Paris-8), he spent several years in Japan, where he took interest in Japanese cinema (Le silence dans le cinéma d’Ozu (Silence in Ozu’s Cinema), L’Harmattan, Paris, 2005) and in Japanese body arts (theater, dance, martial arts) for his PhD (Body Thoughts, Belles-Lettres, to be published in 2011).

In Japan, he made a documentary on a Japanese hip-hop band (Kami Hito E - On the Edge) which was selected at different Festivals and was released on DVD, and he was Jean-Pierre Limosin’s 1st Assistant Director on his documentary on the Japanese mafia, Young Yakuza (Cannes Festival 2007, Official Selection).

After a short teaching experience in a French University (Associate Professor at the Ecole normale superieure of Lyon), Basile Doganis decided to devote himself to filmmaking and screenwriting.

He has worked as a script doctor for Celluloid Dreams and was selected at the Berlin Talent Campus 2010 and by the Talent Project Market for the feature script Lifelined (Entre les lignes), which was also awarded the FADS grant by the Amiens International Film Festival in November 2010.

Basile Doganis has also co-written a supernatural thriller set in the US and Japan (Gone(r)), which placed in a number of contests (2008 Bluecat Screenplay Competition Semifinalist, 2009 Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist, 2009 Nicholl Fellowship Top 15%) and was optioned by Celluloid Dreams.

He is currently making a documentary on French gangs, including gangs of girls (Jeunes de bandes), and is preparing to direct his first fiction short film (Suis-je le gardien de mon frère?, Zadig Films), which was attributed a production grant by the French Film Fund (CNC, contribution financière).

He is also adapting the autobiography of a reformed African French gang boss from a Parisian suburb in the late eighties and nineties who was deported to Congo-Brazzaville in 1997 in the middle of the civil war : J’étais un chef de gang (I was a gang boss) by Lamence Madzou (Elzévir Films).



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