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Daz Spencer Lovesey: Biography


Project Title: SERAPHIM DOWN

Daz Spencer Lovesey is a Film Producer and Director living in Derbyshire. Since graduating with a degree in Film and Video Production in 2007, He quickly became a film tutor at the University of Derby, won the BBC New talent award for directing comedy and set up a corporate video production company.

He has since created bespoke video solutions for companies such as Aviva, NHS and Fuchs Oil company, he has designed CMS platforms for Cima and The Institute of Actuaries. More recently he has brand lead and content managed local television stations for View Tv Group and moved into more agency based advertising.

Daz now works as a commercials producer and account manager for Vermillion films, a Video Production agency. Working as an industry creative, Daz now produces creative video projects for household names to six figure budgets.

Daz is also writer and director of fiction. Daz has created over 15 short films, won several festival awards and also created Derbyshire’s only long running film festival ‘Five Lamps Films’

Daz has also directed five music videos. In 2010 Daz wrote and directed his first feature film ‘The Passing Place’ which is a dirty road movie about two friends on the British canal systems. This film is due to be released in Autumn 2012. Daz has two current scripts in development. The first ‘Seraphim Down’ is being developed through Skillset and the BFI scheme Babylon and the second has been submitted to the Ifeatures scheme.

Daz has recently been selected by Sundance London to be 1 of 5 filmmakers to represent the U.K at international level to the U.S market.

Seraphim Down:- A coming of age drama, as a troubled young man moves to the coast he becomes embroiled in a gang of delinquent surfers and a summer of violence and hedonism changes the course of all their lives. This film evokes classical themes of friendship, rejection and independence. It is a celebration of the most hostile time in a person’s life. Youth.

The Duke:- A character driven dark comedy. ‘The Duke’ is an Texan chat show host in the vein of Jerry Springer. Once on the cusp of super stardom the aging preachers viewing stats are falling, his excessive lifestyle is beginning to take its toll and he is alone. Things take a turn for the worse when a young Mexican girl commits suicide hours after being on his show. What follows is a farcical and humorous story of redemption and humanity.

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