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Ludmilla Kiroff: Biography


Project Title: TURBO

Ludmilla Kiroff (Maiden name/ pseudonym) was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Whilst only just attending elementary school she already was frequently published all over the country, especially but not only in student newspapers. As an eight year old Ludmilla travelled with her mother to Algeria. She stayed there for half a year, where she fell in love with Africa, Sahara. She continued her literary activity as a student at the High School for German language in Sofia. After her graduation she took up studies at the faculty of journalism at the Sofia State University. During that time she started working as an editor for the cultural and foreign desk at the Bulgarian national TV. However her biggest dream to become a war correspondent was not to be fulfilled.

The year 2002 saw the publishing of her first book "Before the Dessert", a collection of short stories. Her second book "The Classical Paradigm" was published in 2008.

Since 1982 she has been living in Vienna, Austria, where she works as a project manager. Her job has taken her on vast travels all over the world. Her journeys from Canada, across Uzbekistan to the far reaches of Siberia are a constant and important inspiration for her work.



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