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Dániel Béres: Biography

Dániel Béres was born in 1975 in Budapest. He started university in 1994 studying Maths, later Danish and finally Film. He only has a degree in Maths. In 1999/2000 he spent a year in the UK and partly inspired by the experience of that year he started making films. He has made one about Interrail travelers across Europe (Off we go!), one in an elevator (Pater-noster), one on the Faroe Islands (Supper in the North Atlantic) one about the Berlin Wall (Mortar), and one about zombies in Sarajevo (Waiting). He has even shot a 17-minute movie adaptation of The Idiot by Dostoievsky (Seven Months Later). They have all been screening at local and international film festivals. Some have even received awards. In 2006 supported by the Nipkow Programm, Dániel spent a year in Berlin to develop a feature film script. He has worked as a Maths teacher and as a film journalist, edited dance performances and music videos. Since 2008 he lives in Vienna. He has a hobby of teaching Mathematics in order to pay the bills. He keeps looking for new ways of storytelling mostly with the help of mathematical ideas and structures. The screenplay for his first feature film Softer is an example of such storytelling.



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