Babylon 2013

Jasmina Hajdany: Biography

Born 1979, into a family of musicians in Vienna, Jasmina is a true Hungarian-Austrian mix of a rich creative heritage – the paprikás genes from her cellist father and her mother's fondness of Styrian pumpkin seed oil carry through vigour. Already at the young age of 7, Jasmina wins over audiences all over Austria by playing her violin. In her teenage years, however, a new bought video camera – guarded by her father like gold – sparks another fascination, and the medium film enters her life. Secretly, first films are made. Still, her life-long musical passion first leads her to study violin and viola at the University for Music and Applied Art in Vienna. But, being chronically underchallenged, she simultaneously completes an apprenticeship at the Academy of Graphic Arts in Vienna. Her graduation film „After eight“ is screened at multiple film festivals and wins several awards. Soon, Jasmina does successful commissioned work for Wiener Festwochen, Bregenzer Festspiele, Universal Music London, etc. and directs experimental and interdisciplinary film projects. In the following, she works as an AD for international short & feature film productions. For the shooting of the international coproduction and biopic “Ludwig II”, she is hired as an AD and music consultant; a perfect combination of both of her creative fields of expertise.

In 2011, funded by a scholarship, Jasmina studies at the Skriptakademie Berlin and receives a diploma in scriptwriting and dramaturgy. Now she is writing her first feature film script – a powerful portrait of a torn musician in Vienna – and is already planning new and innovative screenplays for the future.

Filmography (selection)

A Touch of Evil / mocumentary, A 2012, 26 min; Larpurnu film / Hoanzl DVD Vertrieb

Dauðalogn – Sigur Ros / music video, D 2012, 6:30 min; Sigur Ros mystery film contest

Chasing Beauty / mocumentary, A 2009, 14 min; Larpurnu film/ Hoanzl DVD Vertrieb

Gymnopédie No1. - Amarcord Wien / music video - A 2008, 4 min; Larpurnu film

Notes of a Recording / documentary, A/NL/GB 2008, 36min; Universal Music Group

India Experience / new media & performance - A 2005, 70 min; Bregenzer Festspiele/Musikverein Wien

Johannes´ Passion / short - A 2004, 13 min; Larpurnu film

Cordoba – new media, A 2004, 4min; Wiener Festwochen

Doch wenn es Abend wird / short - A 2003, 15 min; Larpurnu film



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