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Laurence Milon: Biography

Laurence Milon is a producer for La Huit production, an independent company established in 1992 and based in Paris. Her credits include feature films Histoire d'une Mère (Story of a Mother) by Sandrine Veysset (2015) and Jaurès by Vincent Dieutre (2012) as Associate Producer, and Dominique A - la mémoire vive (2014) as Executive Producer.

La Huit's activity includes production and post-production for cinema and television, as well as a DVD edition. Their catalogue numbers more than 300 films and is broadened every year with new documentary films, features, live recordings of music, dance and theatre. The films have in common their desire to reflect upon our contemporary world through music, creation and culture, history, ethnology, social and geopolitical issues.

Collaborating with young filmmakers, as well as accompanying renowned filmmakers over the years (Jean Breschand, Viviane Perlmuter, Fleur Albert, Vincent Dieutre, Sandrine Veysset, Jérôme de Missolz, Charles Najman, André S. Labarthe, …), exploring the cinema direct technique as well as searching for new formal approaches, all remain La Huit's priority focal points.

La Huit is also a film distributor and is currently releasing in Paris “La supplication” by Pol Cruchten, based on Svetlana Alexievitch’s book “Voices from Chernobyl” (Production Red Lion Luxemburg, the film represented Luxemburg at the Academy Awards in 2017).

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Babylon collaborates regularly with partner orgnanisations, including AHRC-funded Migrant and Diasporic Cinema Research Network

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