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Paviel Raymont: Biography

Being an engineer (Ecole des Mines), Paviel has chosen to use his abilities and skills in the cinema and the audiovisual sector where he has held for 15 years many positions of responsibility. These experiences have allowed him to acquire a strategic vision and a good knowledge of the mechanisms and regulations concerning cinema and audiovisual production. He has a real passion for the coordination and the management of projects, as well as a strong desire to accompany the authors and make their visions come alive.

Most recently, Paviel is the producer of short and medium length films “The Silver Spoon” (2017) by Jonathan Bonelli (Supported by région Alsace and Eurométropole Strasbourg), “Arborg” (2016) by Antoine Delelis (Supported by région and by the Adami. Aired on French public télévision France 2), “Graine(s)” by Hervé Freiburger and “Tristan's Journey” by Christophe Jarosz (With the académie of arts in Monténégro, l'institut Français and the Germany Embassy). He is currently producing the first feature of Antoine Delelis, “Les Monstres.”

He was also the executive producer of 2017 Web-TV show “Atomic Panda vs Killer Coccinelles” by Thierry Vigneron, produced by TONBO (10 x 6 min) for Studio 4.

In 2009 he was the director of short film “Face à la Nuit” (With the support of Alsace, of the CNC and of the procirep, co-produced by Carlito. Aired on Alsace 20 and Ciné-cinéma. Selected at the festival "Ose ce court" of Bischheim) and between 2007-09 he directed several corporate films.

From 2004-16 he has continued to work as assistant director on feature films, including “Qu-Allah béniss la France” directed by Abd Al Malik, “Nos résistances” by Romain Cogitore, “Sous les toits de Paris” by Hiner Saleem as well as the French location shoots of “Sherlock Holmes 2” by Guy Ritchie, “The Happening” by M. Night Shyamalan and “The Da Vinci Code” by Ron Howard.

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