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BABYLON @ Cannes 2018

BABYLON's 9th edition culminates with its workshop in Cannes, May 11th-15th, including for the first time a special pitching event at the European Pavilion where participants will present their projects to the market. This year's RiverRhine programme is promoting cultural and and industrial ties between the regions of the Upper Rhine.

Projects participating at Cannes are:

  • Bye Bye Kelly by Mathieu Z’graggen (writer/director), producer David Braun, Alpaga Films

  • Denis Reichle, emprises de guerre by Fanny Spindler (writer/director), producer Laurence Milon, La Huit

  • Die Wäscherin by Matthias Drescher, Julie Alfonsi and Barbara Antičević (co-writers), producer Andrea Steiner, FFL

  • Les Monstres by Antoine Delelis (writer/director), producer Paviel Raymont, Les Films du Tonnerre

  • My Cousin by Simone Wendel (writer/director), producer Mario A. Conte, Projekt Gold

  • Stockflecken by Sabina Gröner (writer/director), producer Pascal Trächslin, Cineworx Filmproduktion

  • Wende by Jens Wischnewski (writer/director), producer Simon Buchner,

BABYLON is happy to be working this year with funding partners in Germany, France and Switzerland:

  • MFG-Baden-Württemberg;
  • la Ville et Eurométropole (VEM) de Strasbourg;
  • la Région Grand Est (RGE) Alsace Champagne - Ardennes Lorraine;
  • Film Commission Nord Baden;
  • Creative Commission Mannheim;
  • Förderung Film und Medienkunst der beiden Kantone Basel-Stadt und Basel-Landschaft.

The programme is run by BABYLON founder-directors Scenario Films Ltd, London/Strasbourg.

The 2017-18 programme consists of two main workshops:

Strasbourg & Mannheim (December 15th-21st, 2017) and Cannes (May 11th-15th, 2018), plus online mentoring.

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L’Eurométropole de Strasbourg et la Région Grand Est / Agence culturelle – Bureau des Auteurs Grand Est vous invitent à soumettre votre candidature Appel à Projets


BABYLON is an audiovisual development programme assisting filmmakers of culturally diverse origin to break through into the international mainstream, with a particular interest in migrant and diasporic stories.

Frequently unrecognized, the stories that emerge from undiscovered talents of "double culture" provide the richest untapped source of storytelling across the world.

BABYLON provides a space in which these emerging filmmakers can speak to each other and to the widest international audience, providing access and inclusion.

BABYLON offers project-based training for teams of feature film Writers, Directors and Producers, aimed at preparing their projects for the international market.

The programme focuses on a combination of script development, production skills and market understanding, balancing intensive residential workshops with continuous mentoring by senior industry consultants.

Babylon's aim is to to build a successful and diverse pool of film storytelling and talent; to promote and strengthen cultural diversity within the independent film sector, and to provide an international platform for emerging filmmakers.

Since its launch in 2007, BABYLON has welcomed 185 participants and 136 projects to its annual programmes, with workshops in London, Vienna, Cannes, Rotterdam, Berlin and Abuja.

BABYLON INTERNATIONAL was a special project run during 2010-11 forging industrial and creative links between Europe and other continents.

In 2011 BABYLON INTERNATIONAL brought together 17 European and African filmmakers in a joint script development workshop in Berlin (May 2011) and production lab in Abuja, Nigeria (September 2011) where trailers for the features were shot and edited for presentation at the Abuja Film Festival.

BABYLON INTERNATIONAL was run by a three-sided partnership of independent producers Script House (Berlin), Scenario Films (London) and Cine-Sud Promotion (Paris) and jointly funded by the European Union's MEDIA Mundus and the Nigerian Film Corporation.



Babylon collaborates regularly with partner orgnanisations, including AHRC-funded Migrant and Diasporic Cinema Research Network

Migrant and Diasporic Cinema Network

Podcast: Gareth Jones/Thierry Lenouvel

Far Flung Families in Film

Podcast: Gareth Jones/Sarita Malik/Leslee Udwin


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